Criterion Global creates the strategies to market effectively in an international marketplace. We never underestimate the power of global knowledge and local values in making the world a complex and fascinating place.

Our analysts and advisors have created ingenious multi-platform media strategies yielding successful business outcomes– perhaps for your competitors – throughout the world’s major established markets and emerging economies.

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Criterion Global understands the power of disruptive technology. Few industries have seen more disruption of traditional practices than hospitality, in the way digital has influenced how travel is priced, sold, and marketed. Through innovative and globally minded marketing strategies, which span consumer touchpoints from web to mobile to social, Criterion Global’s clients have remained a step ahead in a constantly changing marketplace.

Our hospitality clients range from destination marketing organizations, trains, cruises, international airlines, along with luxury, mass, and long-term stay hotel brands. We understand the stringent ROI standards to which travel brands are held, and have created beautiful and engaging campaigns that capture the imagination and drive consumer action.

Our technologies integrate seamlessly with client booking (link to capabilities - Ecommerce: Platform Integration) and CRM systems (link to capabilities, CRM), giving our clients robust data and accountability to garner marketing and consumer insight from campaigns.

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The winners and losers of the next decade of retail will be sorted by their ability to adapt to the digital landscape and once-emerging mobile platforms. The democratizing power of the Internet is a bellwether of what’s to come, and retailers must value to the buyer experience – or risk losing a price war season after season. With 82% of users reportedly using mobile devices to comparison shop – even in-store – “showrooming” demands a rethink of retail strategy for brands selling direct and department stores alike. 

Criterion Global makes retail marketing more profitable, through aggressive retail tactics grounded in sound ecommerce and mobile strategy. Eclectic in scope, and impressive in scale, our work has informed ecommerce and marketing strategy for a 3,500-storefront accessory chain, a 560-storefront mall fashion brand, the world’s leading independent ecommerce auto auction site, and numerous independent retail and fashion brands all looking to boost customer acquisition efficiency. 

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The healthcare and insurance industries are changing faster now than at any point in the last 50 years. The upcoming health insurance exchanges, increasing regulation and government mandates are making direct to consumer marketing the future lifeblood of successful healthcare companies. Criterion Global guides its clients through the industry’s murky waters helping to create brand presence in a new market that’s both disrupted and empowered by the advent of consumer choice.

Criterion Global brings the knowledge, strategy, and technology to ensure that marketing messages are reaching the right target, at the right time and in the most impactful way.

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Professional services marketing for B2B brands is a delicate task, one which demands a thoughtful balance between context, content, and relevancy to your target decision-maker audience. The way your clients discover your brand makes an indelible impression in how your clients view you. Our media planning and buying work is built to make the best introduction – to draw prospects closer, to pique curiosity, and ensure yours is the brand that’s top of mind when decisions are made.

We understand this well. Our background in professional services marketing began with managing media planning and buying for the world’s leading law firms specializing in M&A, IP and Life Sciences, Corporate Law, Litigation, along with the Consulting Firms, Accounting Firms, down to the specialty printing houses which handle filing documentation for IPOs. Today, our global scope gives us reach that exceeds competitors and our focus on customer acquisition efficiency ensures work that is measurable, accountable, and built to create returns.

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