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Affluent Consumers tend toward online media

Yet another study, this time by Ipsos Mendelsohn, confirms that “the average number of hours logged [online] weekly increased with income,” and that consumers in the highest HHI strata are more likely to use Internet as a primary media source. The correlation is strong enough to dispel the myth that more affluent consumers, who tend to be older, aren’t savvy to online media. For real estate marketers, the argument that online is the strongest primary media category to reach affluent home buyers, and second home purchasers grows stronger.

So much so that magazine groups are advertising print magazine’s value in driving web search traffic. Says, print magazines are #1 at driving search traffic among 18-44 year olds. Think of that: print media measuring its worth by stimulating online behaviour.

The Ipsos Mendelsohn study, conducted from March through July of this year, also recorded international usage across media, showing that in Western European nations (and Australia and New Zealand), online usage was greater than usage for any other medium, which no doubt says a great deal about the correlation between Internet access and developed nations. For more reporting on the study, check out EMarketers’ coverage.

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