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Brands-At-Risk: Top 12 Soon To Be Extinct?

Seeking Alpha is a site that, much to readers’ delight, will boldly say what no one else will. Taking into account debt obligations, trends toward consolidation in the retail sector, and the increasing fiscal prudence of the global consumer, analyses by 24.7 Wall Street (via Seeking Alpha) brings us this top-12 (hit?) list of prominent brands headed for the dustbin before 2010 is nigh.

  1. Budget Rent-A-Car
  2. Borders Books
  3. Crocs Footwear (these comfy shoes are like the comfort food of the late 90’s – recall the rise and fall of Krispy Kreme’s stock?)
  4. Saturn.
  5. Esquire Magazine
  6. Old Navy apparel
  7. Architectural Digest Magazine
  8. Chrysler
  9. Eddie Bauer
  10. Palm
  11. AIG
  12. United Airlines

Get the full lowdown here!

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