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California Leverages User-Generated Content with “California Fives”

The California Travel + Tourism Commission (CTTM) is opening itself to user-generated content by allowing visitors or native Californians to submit their favorite “California Fives” on

Per DestinationMarketer, “California Fives will differ from other online communities as topics are grouped in fives and are California-specific. Themes can be as broad as California’s five best beaches or five best ski runs, or as narrow as the five preferred wines in Sonoma County or Temecula. Visitors to the site also have the opportunity to rank someone else’s California Fives (giving it the appropriate stars), or provide their own twist on a subject.”

User-generated content refers to any form of content that is created and posted by unpaid contributors promoting brands. It can appear in the form of pictures, videos, testimonials, and basically any other form of Internet content. User-generated content offers numerous benefits and effectively complements branded content. While consumers are often wary of branded content, they are effectively reached by user-generated content. According to one study, 92 percent of people are more likely to trust user-generated content than branded content. Further, user-generated content creates an interactive experience that allows consumers to connect with brands on a more human level.

The site looks like it could use a little help, as some categories have few lists or none at all. Users who submit content give authority with their endorsements, and this is rife with potential for Word of Mouth marketers. Great idea, CA!

It is free to post your “California Five,” so go ahead!


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