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Criterion Global featured in December ‘Real Deal’

The Real Deal, trade journal for the real estate sales and development industry, recently interviewed Criterion Global Principal Katherine Cartwright on how property sales groups and developers can leverage online advertising to boost sales.

Here’s an excerpt:

Putting more muscle into Internet marketing

by Marc Ferris
…”We found that only half the visitors noticed [SEM] ads,” said Katherine Cartwright, principal at Criterion Global, which specializes in Internet marketing for real estate firms. “Yet the big New York City brokerages engage in bidding wars to get generic terms like ‘New York condos’ . . . paying $5 a click in some cases.”

Customization is key
For Cartwright’s clients, a major goal is to collect registrations from visitors. “That’s the gold standard for figuring out what they like and don’t like, and determining what is getting them to spend money.”

Firms use this data to send targeted ads, among other strategies, said Cartwright. “Say someone looks at an online ad for an Upper East Side two-bedroom,” she said. “A week later, if you log on to a specific display ad, we would send an e-mail to you based on the criteria you’ve established. It’s logical and doesn’t waste anyone’s time.”

The key to this kind of campaign is cookies, computer tracking devices that Web sites embed on the personal computers of site visitors that allow companies to monitor individual behavior. To some consumers, the practice smacks of Big Brother, so some online registration applications require a double opt-in process.

“The merger of analytics and advertising is exciting because for the first time you can actually get a lot of information about the people coming to your site, and there’s much more qualified traffic than ever before,” said Cartwright.

For the full article, click here.

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