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CRM 2.0 Report: Is your media communicating with your customers?

In the new terrain of online marketing, battles are won with information. Marketers who know their customer, understand their behaviour, and can trace their intuition back to quantitative data come out the winner every time.

The CRM 2.0 Report, from Econsultancy in association with Speed-Trap,  is based on an online survey of more than 500 companies carried out in October and November 2008.

The study examined CRM integration, and the extent to which marketers are integrating online and offline data to benefit the consumer experience, and collect data to shape that user experience. This process, is called CRM 2.0, where data is not just collected in a one-way stream, but where CRM data informs the evolving media and advertising conversation.

“According to this research, there is a significant gap between what companies are doing in order to optimise and personalise the customer experience, and what they would like to do.”

  • The majority of companies are not yet able to integrate digital and offline marketing, as just 22% of respondents report that they can link online and offline data to optimise the user experience.
  • Only 17% can link real-time and historic data and only 12% can carry out real-time personalisation based on behaviour. -)

Companies were asked to what extent they had implemented attributes of a CRM 2.0 strategy within their organisation.

  • 1/3 of companies (34%) say that they definitely (i.e. “very much so”) put their customers at the heart of their decision-making
  • Roughly half (49%) say that this is only “somewhat” true for their organisation.
  • Only a fifth of companies (20%) say that they are definitely able to link data from the online channel with back office systems, compared to 45% who report that they are somewhat able to do this.

Visit this page for more on the study.

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