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Global Study: Online Ads Rank as Top Consumer Influencer

Between last September and October, Deloitte compiled data for its “State of the Media Democracy: Third Edition” study (reported by eMarketer) gauged influential media in 5 global markets.

The study revealed interesting findings: first, the prominence of TV, a medium whose status was thought to have waned as users use TiVo or other DVR technologies, while turning to online video viewing. Still more interesting was the solid status (#3 in ranking) of online advertising in each of the 5 markets studied, which, when paired with the data on other forms of interactive media (gaming, mobile, blog, and virtual world), places online media at #2 in the study.

Perhaps no individual finding was more fascinating than the influence of mobile advertising among Brazilians: 19% ranked it a top-three influential medium – more than Japan and every other country studied!


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