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Ad Men More Optimistic Outside North America

“¶78% of the chief executives of advertising and public relations agencies who took part in a global survey said their clients were ‘more optimistic’ about the business climate than at the beginning of the year…

Respondents suggested the decline in ad spending may be bottoming out, as 29% working in North America and 39% in other regions said they believed ad spending by clients would decline for the rest of the year; that compares with 74 percent and 78 percent, respectively, who said that clients decreased spending in the first half of the year.” …excerpt via Accounts, People and Miscellany on

So, essentially, ad men are less apocalyptic than last year (but negative nonetheless), and moreso outside North America.

Whatever the latest data in spending forecasts, Criterion Global hopes that someday the idea of doing more to maximise one’s budget will someday eclipse the obvious concern – nay  apprehension –with budgets within the ad industry.

Bottom Line: Why not focus on what clients can get for their spend, versus the spend itself?

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