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The pursuit of Appiness: The Rules of Mobile App Advertising

For the newly-initiated in mobile marketing, the app landscape can be intimidating, and many question it’s worth. Our thoughts on mobile apps are simple:

Mobile users fall into two categories: the “Need It Now” person needing directions, or pin-pointed information at that very second. The second category of mobile app user has all the time in the world – playing games waiting in line at the DMV or post office, at the carwash, doctors office, on the bus, or possibly even at work. Brands must identify that their media buying strategy toward mobile apps must be sensitive to these two types of users.

Some simple rules: Don’t try to bombard the “I Need It Now” user – either contribute something pointed, directed at his specific enquiry, such as mobile search ads, or get out of his/her way. The leisure app user is more open to ads; this is demonstrated by significantly higher Click-Through Rates. Still, we caution clients to use creative relevant to the user to complement, rather than distract from the user’s experience.

Here’s a cool infographic via OnlineMBA on the wide world of apps. We’ve come a long way.

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