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International Marketing + Media Buying a Growing Priority

A definitive study by B2B Magazine concluded that more than half of b2b marketers will increase international marketing budgets in 2009, although the shift to globalise their marketing strategy is a rough road.

Here’s a Criterion Global condensation of the report, which is available in its entirety here:

Of those planning to increase their non-U.S. marketing budgets:

  • 60.0% plan increases between 1% and 10% this year over last;
  • 24.8% plan increases between 11% and 20%;
  • 8.8% plan increases between 21% and 30%; and
  • 6.4% plan increases of more than 30%.

For companies decreasing their non-U.S. marketing budgets, the largest group (87.8%) said they are decreasing them just slightly, by 1% to 10%. Only 12.2% said they are decreasing non-U.S. budgets by more than 10%.


  • 69.7% of marketers surveyed said they do not currently have a multilingual Web site;
  • 58.4% do not have multilingual marketing materials.

BtoB conducted the online survey of 274 marketers during the last week of July and the first week of August.

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