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Luxury Auto Marketing: Mobile moves brands into the passing lane

Jaguar and Land Rover have signed on for $1.6M USD for 2009 mobile media buying between the two brands,  accounting for roughly 15% of the brands’ total digital advertising investment.

The auto brands will use well-tested strategies to connect with more qualified prospective buyers. For example, targeting smartphone users specifically will connect the brands with a typically more affluent user audience that uses smartphones to access weather, movie, and news content for both work and leisure.

Previous forays into mobile marketing were expected to generate brand awareness and purchase consideration. Execs at Jaguar and Land Rover were surprised, however that mobile marketing served as a direct response tool as well, which made the mobile investment “easy to rationalize.”

For the mobile sector, Eric Bader, managing partner of Brand in Hand told AdAge that “Million-dollar-total campaign budgets are not totally unusual and will become more typical in the coming quarters,” Mr. Bader said. “The smaller scale of most buys of the last few years has not been in rational proportion to the growth of mobile audiences and interaction rates with mobile advertising.”

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