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Wal-Mart continues its seemingly unstoppable surge in profits, amid the dismal sales figures of department store retail competitors. The retailer’s sales rose 5.1%, (8.1% in net sales according to Seeking Alpha’s look at the numbers), and the company has boldly raised its dividend by 15%.

Is smart marketing the cause? Wal-Mart has shifted from its historic emphasis on low prices exclusively with its “Save Money, Live Better” slogan (which replaced its “Always Low Prices” mantra of 19 years). It has one-upped Target with the qualitative embrace of “living better,” while keeping its quantititive, money saving appeal.Wal-mart’s marketing has been a triumph not just in semantics, but advertising and media buying strategy to boot, as Criterion Global analysed in an earlier blog post.

Here, a graphic from WSJ putting the companies’ own profits in context with and retail rivals:


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