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Tourism to help revive global economy

At the 2nd Annual UNWTO Conference on Tourism Trends and Outlook for Asia Pacific, over 100 experts at the Guilin summit concluded that tourism can be a key sector helping economies overcome the current economic difficulties.

Growth in arrivals rapidly slowing

International tourist arrivals in Asia and the Pacific are estimated to have increased by around 3% between January and October this year as compared to a 10.5% growth for the full of 2007.  The impact in receipts is expected to be even more significant as travellers trim down their length of stay and their consumption in terms of type of accommodation and other activities.

In the shorter term, overall prospects – against continuing downward revisions in macro-economic expectations and primary generating markets in recession – look quite gloomy. But tourism is emerging as a strong potential contributor to economic recovery. An excellent example is China’s current plan to stimulate its 1.6 billion domestic travel market as one of the government’s measures to stimulate economic growth.

“Tourism can deliver more than most sectors for the economy as a whole. Mobility is hardwired into the human gene. Tourism – for business and leisure underpins trade, communication and modern lifestyles. It is one of the biggest export sectors and a vital increasingly important part of the development agenda.” stressed Mr. Geoffrey Lipman, UNWTO Assistant Secretary General.

After a first assessment of the impact that the global economic downturn is having in tourism at the 2008 Ministers’ Summit (London, UK, 11 November), the first full meeting of UNWTO’s Resilience Committee will be held on the 28th January 2009 on the occasion of the Spanish Tourism Fair, FITUR .

This conference is growing as an annual forum for tourism policy makers, planners, researchers and marketers interested in the latest trends shaping and impacting on tourism development

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