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Travel Advertisers [STILL] Paying Highest Travel Ad CPMs

A while back, we shared studies on average CPMs paid by various categories of advertisers. Interestingly, travel ad CPMs were the highest, and new evidence suggests travel advertisers may still pay a premium – even to advertise on social platforms which profit from user-generated [read: not always professional/premium/brand-friendly] content.

MyCube compiled CPMs paid on Facebook, broken down by demographic, and CPMs paid on YouTube, broken down by video subject. On YouTube, travel videos command the highest CPMs, and on Facebook, individuals who are single or married command the highest CPMs – those who are “in a relationship” may be too new to travel together, or looking to stay put to see that relationship blossom.

Who wins in this equation? Facebook and YouTube, who are aggressively looking to monetize users’ content. Who loses? Most likely, travel advertisers, who are paying enormous CPMs for the privilege of advertising adjacent to home videos of an Alaskan cruise, or a Facebook announcement that “It’s Friday, I’m bored” from a married male. Without strategy to capture user attention, paired with aggressive targeting, travel advertisers fall prey to platforms whose self-service systems are designed to spend their budget – as quickly as possible.

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