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Walmart Worms Its Way Into The Big Apple

There are audible scowls on the faces of many locals over the impending shadow a Walmart superstore is about to cast on New York City. These unhappy consumers see Walmart as a retail bully that will likely put mom and pop shops out of business and take away some of the city’s uniqueness.

Walmart fires back with a radio spot campaign attacking the political front as well as trying to appeal to the cash tight consumer. Steven Restivo, Walmart’s director of community affairs, thinks it’s clear that New York needs more jobs and more affordable grocery options, which he believes Walmart will provide.

On top of the radio campaign, direct mailers are going out to residents in 10 City Council Districts all located in outer boroughs. The mailers will read “Some New Yorkers have plenty of options when it comes to shopping. We think you should too!” Whether or not Walmart actually becomes a positive community presence, New Yorkers will have a hard time saying no to their blue light specials.

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