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When Backsides Backfire: DMO Marketing

Occasionally, DMO advertising can backfire: take, for example, this 2006 billboard for the Texas State Tourism Office. While the ad was named one of‘s “Top 50  Extraordinary and Attractive Billboards”, a copywriter’s oversight solicited the following comment from “Mike F”:

“That Texas one is embarrassing — there should be no apostrophe in “it’s.” Makes the state look illiterate. Did not one Texas tourism official catch that mistake before it went up on an enormous billboard? Hmmm. Maybe it is an illiterate state.”

Nonetheless, this outdoor placement surely takes its place in the annals of Destination Marketing excellence.It’s that time of year again!

Texas Tourist Department_2006_Mundo &

In anticipation of World Travel Mart in London, we’re taking a walk down destination marketing memory lane with some favourite vintage and current DMO creative. If your DMO or DVB has a video you’d like us to post, send it along between now and 11/9!

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