07 Case Study

Launching the World’s Largest Domain Registrar in India

Emerging Market Product Launch


The world’s #1 domain registration service saw tremendous opportunity in international and emerging markets. Though the scope and detail of their robust global marketing strategy is confidential, the relationship is an excellent example of how Criterion Global’s international media buying strategy can catalyze multinational expansion to new and emerging markets.


Starting with an expansion to the United Kingdom, and then to South Asia, the world’s largest domain registration service saw business opportunities beyond their domestic borders. Criterion Global was presented with the challenge of introducing domain and hosting services to both casual consumers, as well as small to medium size enterprise owners. Our media planning and buying campaigns needed to be targeted, compelling, and easy to grasp in markets that were not accustomed to seeing domain registration marketing.

Insight & Strategy:

The client first engaged Criterion Global to assemble a Market Assessment to analyze their global media strategy as they sought international expansion, first in the UK and then to South Asia. After a comprehensive competitive landscape study and market analysis of their most target consumer, we began the task of building our our campaigns and programs.

Although the natural inclination for a domain registration company might have been to have a digitally centered campaign, contrary to convention, it was determined that to introduce this new product at scale would require the reach of TV.

Offline to Online:

Our TV campaigns sought to find an equilibrium between both scale and targetability, which most often manifested itself as prime sports content. Deep local expertise for extensive broadcast buying included tentpole executions such as the India Premier League – often with viewership equivalent to 4 American NFL Superbowls.

From a technical media buying standpoint, the client’s domestic marketing teams wanted to be able to review campaign performance on an ‘apples-to-apples’ basis across both their domestic and international initiatives. Not only were international TV metrics, often measured as TVRs (Television Ratings) converted to a common GRP (Gross Rating Point) metrics. Criterion Global’s analytics teams were tapped to determine TV campaign impact on site traffic and conversion rates.

Results / Outcome / Impact:

Our client’s international expansion, catalyzed by Criterion Global’s media buying initiatives, ultimately made them a prime acquisition target for a prominent private equity firm and later an offering on the public markets. Since going public, their share price has increased more than 2.5X in value, much of it from their international expansion efforts.

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