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Entertainment Media Buying

“In Beverly Hills, they don't throw their garbage away. They make it into television shows.”
– Woody Allen

Global Entertainment Paid Media Strategy

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Entertainment is a battlefield for attention, relevance, rights, distribution and marketshare musik von youtube in guter qualitäten. Worldwide, audiences have splintered across a multitude of entertainment platforms. 

And yet, the total spent globally on entertainment has grown to an all-time high musik von youtube in guter qualitäten chrome downloaden windows. This new reality is a challenge for entertainment marketers. Innovative media buying that breaks from the traditional formula, can (re)engage viewership — and reap rewards chrome downloaden windows komplette homepage herunterladen.

Entertainment Media Buying

Great entertainment marketing is a force multiplier, driving profitability long after content has launched; We work to spark engagement that sustains its own success musik von youtube in guter qualitäten.

This fragmented, multinational entertainment landscape requires media planning and buying that is smart, nimble and global to successfully engage prospective audiences chrome downloaden windows.

Across all platforms where entertainment is consumed, Criterion Global adroitly markets entertainment through its unique international media buying expertise and infrastructure komplette homepage herunterladen.


Entertainment marketing, especially film release, is built on a formulaic release of clips, trailers, and advertising spanning from billboards to digital musik von youtube in guter qualitäten. And while we certainly know the merits of this traditional approach, the fragmentation of content distribution platforms requires new strategies that are data driven, trackable and digital-first chrome downloaden windows.

From creators to distributors, our international media buying stokes demand for “must-see” content. But what’s more, our knowledge of industries beyond entertainment – specifically retail, CPG and e-commerce – gives us a unique perspective on establishing and marketing multi-touchpoint franchises komplette homepage herunterladen.


This new perspective to entertainment media buying translates equally well to our deep experience in multi-dimensional franchises and brand licensing for major players in global entertainment musik von youtube in guter qualitäten. This includes success in answering questions, such as:

In tandem with our CRM and data partners, Criterion Global aims to know as much about our target audiences as possible, including entertainment preferences, where and when they consume content, and consumer social patterns. This experience, matched with Criterion Global’s heavy investment in current media research, helps us develop logical, measurable, and timely entertainment media buying campaigns to engage audiences at scale.

Paid Media Strategy

– Multinational Audience Acquisition Analysis

-Market Sizing, Budget Planning

Media Planning

– Paid Media Measurement Planning + Reach Modeling

– Media Plan Auditing

Media Buying

-Global Paid Media

-360* Digital (deep Digital Video Expertise)

-Broadcast/Traditional (TV, Out of Home)

Media Measurement

– Market-specific growth reporting

-Quantitative + Qualitative Analyses

-24/7 Optimization

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