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International Media Planning

“Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.”
– Rupert Murdoch

International Media Planning and Buying

Intelligent global growth demands nimble infrastructure, local expertise, and boundless perseverance. As an independent specialist in international media planning and buying, we know that the rewards of expansion must exceed the risks.

Two key qualities set us apart from other international media planning and buying services:

  • Experience + Infrastructure
  • Our Mindset of a “Challenger Brand”

Experience + Infrastructure

We treat media planning as an investment, with expectations of return. Our international media planning begins in understanding what’s on the horizon in the global marketplace, as it affects the industries of our practice. No brand can afford to underestimate the power of global knowledge and local values.

From market entry to advanced growth, we develop clear strategies specific to each client’s long term objectives. As experts in international media planning, we navigate regional media consumption, technology preferences, limitations, cultural sensitivities, market-specific advertising regulations and more.

The measure of successful global expansion are habits changed and business won. We’ve led successful international media planning for new market entry in many of the world’s established and emerging economies.

Mindset of a “Challenger Brand”

Brands hungry for opportunity beyond their domestic market need partners that understand what it takes to realize global ambitions.

Traditional network agencies often follow a formula of billing more for each offices’ participation, and traditional consulting firms don’t have the international media planning insight required. In contrast to both, Criterion Global is purpose-built for new market conquesting, and servicing multinational media buying needs.

With a long-term mindset and focused strategies, we deliver growth and returns on your new market entry investment as your business grows with time.

  • Consultancy – meets – media buying agency
  • International media buying infrastructure
  • Market sizing, market selection
  • Scale to reach East/West & Developed/Emerging Markets

Media Strategy

  • Multinational Market Analysis
  • Market positioning + Multinational Market Sizing
  • Media Budget Planning

Media Planning

  • International Media Buying + Strategy
  • Audience-based Emerging Market Media Counsel

Media Buying

  • Multinational Paid Media Execution
  • B2B, Trade, Industry Media Buying (Digital + Traditional)

Media Measurement

  • Cross-market media measurement
  • Cross-channel reporting custom for new market entry KPIs

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