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Media Industry Consulting Practice + Expert Advisory

"Fools say they learn from experience. I prefer to learn from others' experience" - Otto von Bismark, 1815-1898.

Media Industry Expert Consulting

Criterion Global is unique as a media industry consulting firm, offering media organizations unparalleled sector-specific insight, as well as expert consulting on media-industry investment firms.

For media and entertainment brands seeking operational or strategic consulting, our unique perspective – as active buy-side specialists in ad tech, media investments and monetization – sets us apart from legacy or “Big 4” consulting firms. Our work and experience spans iconic multinational media conglomerates, individual content providers.

Our media industry expert consulting expertise has also advised multi-strategy funds, long/short funds and investment firms in testing hypotheses and providing buy-side market advisory services on the deployment of capital in media sector investment.

See how our perspectives have given an edge to firms with collective assets under management in excess of $60B USD:

Media Strategy Consulting

Media Consumption vs. Monetization

Market-Specific Media Penetration

User Acquisition Strategy + Viability

Digital Disruption to Legacy Media

Emerging Platforms, Mitigating Risk

Operational Media Consulting

Pricing Strategy: Modeling and Advisory

Media Monetization + Product Advisory

Platform Integration + Systems

Trade Desks + Programmatic Impact

Eurozone/ Multinational Data (GDPR)

Investment Perspectives (select)

Facebook / Google

Amazon / Ecommerce

Snap / Twitter

Baidu / Tencent

Bytedance (TikTok) / Gaming

Consulting Compliance

As an independent, international media buying agency, our expert consulting on media-industry investment is free from vested interest in the vendors with whom we purchase media.

Please note that client confidentialities and internal policy precludes us from participation in engagements which may require the following:

  • Any consulting project that may violate client agreement terms or any obligations we may owe to third parties;
  • Media consulting engagements which request confidential (including material non-public) information belonging to clients; and/or
  • Media consulting engagements which conflict with client interests (such as competitive brands, where restrictions are specified)

Media Auditing & Fulfillment

One of the greatest challenges in global media planning and buying is fulfillment – ensuring every media investment ran as planned, and as promised. Our team adeptly manages advertising investments on a global scale, with substantial auditing and fulfillment resources to ensure that every investment is executed as negotiated and purchased – no matter where in the world.

Through neutral, third-party tracking of digital campaigns, to analog fulfillment for traditional media, our fulfillment and auditing sets us apart. Often, in-house marketing teams find it helpful to have a neutral, confidential, third-party review of past media efforts to ensure strategies are aligned.

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