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Performance Media Buying for Direct Response Advertisers

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”
- Japanese proverb

Why Us

Now more than ever, brand growth and sustainability depends on efficient customer acquisition herunterladen. But brands can’t improve what they can’t measure herunterladen free minecraft for mobile. Performance media buying depends on measurable efficiency in customer acquisition free minecraft for mobile herunterladen.

Criterion Global’s performance media buying works to turn fields of vision into lines of fire. In short, our strategies work to reveal untapped opportunities to improve ROI and the bottom line herunterladen sharepoint dateien herunterladen.

Activating our capabilities across ad tech, people-based marketing platforms, data management, and dynamic creative optimization systems, we hone each performance media buying channel and platform to maximize transactional probability sharepoint dateien herunterladen.

Our Approach

Delivering the right message, at the right time, with relevant creative tailored to consumers based on their behavior and location, and at the right price, is key to successful performance media buying herunterladen.  We maximize performance with smart adaptive strategies and unremitting testing to power macro results free minecraft for mobile. Through proprietary and partner tools, we find the equilibrium between price and value of each consumer herunterladen.

Performance media buying is not limited to one platform, media or strategy; for our clients, direct response placements spans the spectrum from display, search, social, TV, direct mail, to OOH, each with expectations of trackability and returns on investment sharepoint dateien herunterladen.

Omnichannel Direct Response

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A deep understanding of consumer motivations and conversion paths allow us to maximize client revenue through the delivery of highly personalized experiences and messaging across the customer purchase journey herunterladen. Criterion Global navigates this journey from multi-platform search through to affiliate relationships.

Firms looking to amplify their sales often turn to affiliate or cost-per-performance outlets for their seemingly ‘no-risk’ proposition: sign-up, sync your product feed and go free minecraft for mobile. However, affiliate relationships require ongoing management to mitigate margin erosion and achieve equitable terms for commissions on revenue.

In our view, performance is measured in profitability – not simply the volume of conversions or gross sales herunterladen. Our insights proactively optimize for quality and profitability of Direct Response initiatives.

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