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7 Essential Tips for Surviving Magic at Vegas

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Magic in Vegas can be an exhausting ordeal whether you’re a vendor, buyer, or part of the press-team. Luckily, the team at Criterion Global has assembled seven of their top tips for surviving Magic at Vegas, to help you stay energized and productive for the trade show chrome lässt sich nicht downloaden.

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  1. Don’t be deceived by While it may be boiling outside in Vegas in the summertime, the trade shows will be chilled to sub-zero schulbücher kostenlos herunterladen. Be sure to bring a sweater to keep you warm.
  2. It doesn’t matter how short you are, wear flats. We always pity the first-timer who wears heels to Magic tws downloaden. Chances are you won’t just be visiting one trade show, but will be making rounds between Magic, Project, and Liberty. This requires you to walk distances equivalent to at least two football fields (some also require cabs and shuttles) youtube videoen anleitung. Are your feet ready for that?
  3. Carry cash for the cabs. Vegas is not a pedestrian city, so you may need a cab every so often to zip to a meal, hotel, or another trade show herunterladen. Cabs add on an additional $3.50 surcharge if you use credit cards, so it’s always good to be equipped with cash.
  4. Hydrate and bring moisturizer. We’re not sure if it’s the arid desert air or if it’s just the ventilation in the trade shows, but imagine yourself in a large desiccator and appropriately prepare yourself for it mails herunterladen thunderbird.
  5. Stay organized with a business cardholder. Business cards are the social currency at fashion trade shows, so make sure to bring enough geschichte herunterladen. Things can get disorganized fast with all the free bags you receive, so keep the cards you receive consolidated in a pouch or cardholder.
  6. Download the mobile app in lieu of carrying the hard-copy of the directory netflix 4g downloaden. The mobile app is light and useful in giving directions to specific exhibitors and ping-ing you about upcoming talks, however; making appointments with vendors should always be done over e-mail and phone to be safe sony handy apps herunterladen.
  7. FYI water is cheaper and more plentiful outside the exhibition. Water sold within the lounges and halls of project are often small and pricey, if you go a few steps further to Essentials you’ll find jumbo-sized Dasani’s that are worth the price original font. Water refill stations can be found throughout the exhibition halls


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