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Health / Life Sciences

“Evolution favors survival of the wisest”

– Jonas Salk

Healthcare Marketing That Stands Out

Healthcare decisions are deeply personal, yet consumer interactions with healthcare and life science firms frequently feel institutional and prescriptive. Our work in health and life sciences media buying and planning is an antidote to the formulaic and forgettable marketing pervasive in the healthcare and life science industries.

With more than $10B in global healthcare ad spending worldwide, healthcare marketers need to stand out by engaging with customers and patients in ways that are both innovative and bright.

Healthcare Media Buying Perspective

For insurers, PBMs, and a spectrum of pharmaceutical brands and offerings, we believe that through standout media strategy, healthcare marketing can innovate as it informs.

Whether introducing a newly-approved product with mass potential, targeting a select set of patients with an orphan disease, or leveraging our expertise in international media buying to find prospective patients for clinical trials globally, Criterion Global is prepared to help you activate a paid media strategy unique to your brand.

Life Sciences Media Insights

Healthcare media ad spend is overwhelmingly misaligned with where patients and physicians alike spend time. In this changing media buying marketplace, striking the right balance in physician-targeted and direct-to-consumer advertising takes vision to challenge the status quo healthcare marketing formula.

Moreover, despite continuous YOY growth in pharma and healthcare ad spending, digital – particularly digital video – is underserved relative to growth in digital ad consumption at large.

In seeking media planning and buying strategy, healthcare marketers are well advised to seek counsel known for its strategic agility and embrace of the new. This is the insight Criterion Global brings, in challenging conventions to innovate in a formula-prone healthcare media market.  

Media Strategy

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Healthcare Media Buying Compliance Audit (Pharma, Test Recruitment, etc.)

Media Planning

  • Effectiveness Analysis: Current Media Buying
  • Paid Media Healthcare Prospect Pipeline Modeling

Media Buying

  • Multinational Paid Media Execution
  • Brand-Safe, Compliant Programmatic Media Buying
  • Broadcast/Traditional

Media Measurement

  • Bespoke media measurement
  • Test Subject Lead Reporting Dashboards

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