Criterion Global is an international media buying agency and in-house media consultancy.

We are the leading independent, international media buying experts to top global brands and in-house media teams. Our work creates equilibrium between price and value ℠ in a changing global media marketplace.

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01 Our Practice
We are a principled practice, leading international media buying in a fast-changing global media marketplace.

Outsmarting. Not outspending.

By creating “equilibrium between price and value”℠ in client media investment, our clients buy smarter.

How? Technology + Tenacity℠

Our process and culture, defined by Technology and Tenacity℠ cuts through clutter, and media-industry B.S. to nimbly delivery brilliant global media strategy.

Who We Are: Your Independent Counsel

Independent thinking supports better decisionmaking. On principle, our international media planning and buying services and consulting is objective and empirically-backed to bring you smarter media strategy.

When? For The Long Term

Marketing often fixates on short-term wins and fads. As a media buying agency and consulting firm hybrid, we look beyond the immediate horizon. Long-term perspective helps us future-proof global brands.
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Criterion Global prides itself as a one-of-a-kind international media buying consultancy. Get in touch to find out why.

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