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Financial Services Advertising Agency

“When J.P. Morgan bows, I just nod.” – Ira Gershwin

Global Financial Services Advertising

Some estimates place the financial services sector at around 20% of the world economy. But choosing a financial services partner – a bank, lender, advisory, fund, fintech app, or even insurer – comes down to something in shorter supply than even money. Trust. As financial services continue to become globalised products, financial brands must communicate with customers seamlessly across touchpoints and borders. Our full-spectrum global financial services advertising practice offers expert media buying for ambitious financial and financial services brands.

Criterion Global has supported the growth of banks, funds, private -wealth management firms, insurers, asset managers, and consumer finance products seeking to build brand equity and impact decision making in the eyes of both consumers and commercial entities.

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Digital Marketing for Financial Services: How + Why

In finance, where complex quant strategies intersect with risk management, the role of branding might seem frivolous. This is why digital marketing for financial services comes to the fore. Bank, fund, and advisory marketing leaders are keen to pursue digital marketing for financial services, for the irrefutable benefit of clearer measurement, and a reputation for strong low-funnel ROI. Fintech apps and platforms are all the more so. But marketers across industries often undervalue the manifold benefits of non-digital marketing strategies. For finance, branding holds a pivotal place in shaping the success and credibility of financial products and institutions.

Of course, branding in financial services advertising isn’t just about an appealing visual identity. It’s about establishing a distinct and consistent identity that resonates with investors, stakeholders, and the broader market. It’s how and where you show up: Why does Fisher Investments tout its low-cost funds with fear-based messaging in all-text ads? Why does our client PURE Insurance sponsor its Pure Insurance Championship at Pebble Beach pairing young First Tee golfers with PGA Champions League Pros? Because – for both brands – it speaks volumes about their brand’s positioning and how/why they want their client’s trust.

Can digital marketing support branding in financial services? Absolutely. But it’s crucial not to invest 100% in performance marketing. Why? In an industry driven by intangible assets and intricate transactions, a strong brand creates stability and reliability. It provides a cohesive narrative that instills confidence in a market that’s never immune to volatility. Financial services advertising goes hand in hand with investor trust scores. Because branding isn’t a peripheral concern in the realm of financial services marketing; it’s a linchpin.

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Experience: Financial Services Media Buying

Our wide-ranging work in media planning and buying for financial services spans consumer banking, investment banking, commercial lending, consumer finance products, international property marketing, private wealth management, and projects as disparate as:

  • Private bank and wealth management firm looking to grow its traditional customer base beyond Europe.
  • Premier global alternative asset manager raising awareness/investment in energy transition fund.
  • Credit card comparison engine seeking new customer acquisition efficiencies.
  • Grow customer base for publicly traded currency exchange and investment platform.
  • Advisory + media planning for various fintech apps. Yes, including crypto. Yes, including that one.
  • Media planning and buying for crowdsourced real estate funding platform.
  • [Regulated industry] International property marketing for a Chinese multinational conglomerate, and the world’s largest private property developer
  • [Regulated industry] Member-owned reciprocal insurer dedicated to providing customizable coverage for the high net worth market.

Financial Marketing Perspective

Financial services media buying and marketing presents specific challenges and opportunities, from understanding consumer motivations, to ensuring media planning complies with financial marketing regulations local to each market and product.

Criterion Global prides itself in guiding clients through new terrain: new markets, new products, new strategies. We see rife opportunity in media buying for financial and development brands to position emerging asset classes as new stores of wealth.

Financial + HNWI Strategy

Financial Services Advertising Strategy

Global Media Buying

Digital Marketing for Financial Services

  • Omnichannel data (online to offline for consumer finance)
  • Lead Gen reporting (institutional + B2B)
  • Deep experience in regulated industries (Fintech + more.)