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Professional Services Marketing: The Art of Selling Expertise

“Skill to do comes of doing.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Influencing Professional Decision Makers

There are no second chances at first impressions. The means by which clients discover professional service firms creates an indelible and lasting impression on how clients view those services and products.

A professional services marketing agency must know the art of selling expertise. The process demands a thoughtful balance between context, content, and relevance to target decision-maker audiences. It’s being at the right place, at the right time – with the right content to convince your prospective clients.

Our background in professional services marketing began with media planning and buying for the world’s leading law firms specializing in FCPA, M&A, IP and Life Sciences, and Corporate Litigation. Today, that work extends to international wealth management firms, large accounting firms, and a myriad of specialty consulting firms. Our global scope gives us the reach, focus, and tools to ensure customer acquisition efficiency, and work that is measurable, accountable, and built to create returns across numerous industries and niches.

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Making your Brand Unique

As the saying goes, “No one gets fired for hiring IBM”. Big, reliable brands win the day in professional services marketing, and brands with big reputations get an unfair advantage in the services market. There are 4 core benefits in perception our work as a professional services marketing agency delivers for leading firms:

  1. Competitive Perception (Active + In-Market): Easily the most common target for marketers, it’s self-evident that a firm needs to be present when decision-makers are looking to make decisions. The question is whether your firm stands apart from the pack.
  2. Referral Perception (Present/Past Clients): This audience will have the highest conversion rates and deliver the greatest reward for even the laziest of media buying campaigns. But it’s still essential to be present and fresh in the minds of those closest to your firm, and likely to make friendly introductions.
  3. Market Perception (Prospective Market): Think of your firm 3 years out. The relationships you have might not have even known who you are today. This is your market.
  4. Internal Perception: Professional services hinge on attracting the best and brightest talent. Strong identity, brand, and market perception enhance the experience and desirability of a seat at your table.

Professional services marketing is near to our hearts, as we, too, are a professional services firm that prides itself on unparalleled expertise in international media planning and buying. A well-crafted professional services marketing + paid media strategy ensures that your brand is not just part of the conversation but is the leading voice when crucial decisions are being made.

Professional Services Marketing Agency Insights

Media buying for professional services must create that perfect introduction. Done right, professional services marketing piques curiosity, draws prospects closer and ensures that your brand is top of mind when decisions are made. And speed is key.  If you’re not there in the moment of decision-making, your competitor may be.

Forgive us for stating the obvious, but professional services marketing is near to our hearts, as we, too, are a professional services firm that prides itself on unparalleled expertise in international media planning and buying. So while we have your attention, feel free to complete the form at the bottom of this page to see how we can make the perfect first impression…on you.

Paid Media Services / Professional Services Marketing Agency Criterion Global

Professional Services Media Strategy

  • Competitive service
  • Landscape analysis
  • Market positioning, sizing, and media Budget BlueprintSM

Media Planning

  • Paid media prospecting
  • Pipeline Modeling
  • Lead-gen media planning

Media Buying

  • Multinational paid media execution
  • B2B, trade, industry media buying (digital + traditional)

Media Measurement

  • Bespoke media measurement
  • Lead generation reporting dashboards