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Paid Media for Energy Transition Investment: Beyond B2B PR

Accelerating the pace of energy transition

What B2B PR Lacks

In the rapidly evolving landscape of energy transition, a leading player in energy infrastructure investment faced a unique challenge. While their efforts in transitioning current infrastructure to renewable power were groundbreaking, they struggled to gain the recognition and influence needed in key global markets. This is where Criterion Global, acting as energy marketing agency, went beyond B2B PR to deploy paid media services in service of gaining a greater share of voice. This case study explores how Criterion Global transformed the client’s market presence, leading to a record-setting fundraising initiative.

Energy Marketing Agency, Paid Media

Energy Marketing: The Challenge

The client, a frontrunner in energy transition investment, was well-positioned technically but lacked the market presence and thought leadership visibility in critical markets like Singapore, Germany, Canada, US and the UK.

Despite their innovative approach and market lead, they were not fully recognized as thought leaders in the field. Their existing B2B PR efforts were not yielding the desired impact, and there was a need for a more aggressive, targeted approach.

Paid Media Services for B2B

Criterion Global identified the key challenge as a visibility and perception issue. The strategy was twofold: amplify the client’s thought leadership through targeted paid media campaigns and go beyond B2B PR efforts with a data-driven approach.

  1. Thought Leadership Amplification:
    • Criterion Global crafted a series of paid media campaigns highlighting the client’s innovations in energy transition.
    • These campaigns were strategically placed in high-impact publications and digital platforms in the target markets.
    • The focus was on showcasing the client’s expertise and contributions to the energy transition sector, aligning their brand with innovation and sustainability.
  2. Beyond B2B PR:
    • B2B PR typically focuses only on trades. But engagement even among industry leaders is low for some niche platforms.
    • Engaging content was developed, including whitepapers, case studies, and industry reports, demonstrating the client’s leadership and expertise.
    • Strategic partnerships with key industry influencers and media outlets were established to broaden reach and impact.

Outcome: A Brighter Transition

For an energy marketing agency, the work must be measured relative to its outcome. The execution of this strategy involved a careful blend of traditional and digital media platforms. Content and paid media buying assets were tailored to resonate with stakeholder audiences in various global markets – from Singapore to the UK, Canada to Germany, Saudi Arabia to Azerbaijan – with accommodation for cultural nuances and market trends.

The outcome was transformative:

  1. Increased Visibility and Recognition:
    • The client saw a significant increase in their visibility across the target markets.
    • They were invited to key industry events and panels, further solidifying their position as thought leaders.
  2. Record-Setting Fundraising:
    • The enhanced visibility and credibility directly contributed to a record-setting fundraising initiative.
    • Investors were more inclined to engage with the client, seeing them as a leading force in the energy transition space.
  3. Long-Term Brand Equity:
    • The client established a long-term presence in the target markets.
    • The campaigns led to sustained interest and engagement from stakeholders, laying the groundwork for future initiatives.
Vintage Energy Ad

Energy Transition + Paid Media Amplification

Criterion Global’s intervention highlights how paid media services are critical in expanding beyond traditional B2B PR efforts. As shown by the vintage Westinghouse ad above, paid media was once a more prominent part of creating visibility for energy marketing. But interest is again growing since COP28 in Dubai as the world focuses on Energy Transition through investments by Blackrock, Alterra, Brookfield and other key players.

By strategically amplifying the client’s thought leadership and aligning their brand with innovation in the energy transition sector, Criterion Global not only addressed the immediate challenge but also set the client on a path of long-term market influence and success.

This case exemplifies the power of a well-executed paid media strategy in elevating a brand’s stature in a specialized sector like energy transition investment.