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Luxury Media Buying

“Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends.”

– Coco Chanel

Global, Demanding, and Spending

Luxury media buying, at its best, lends surprise and delight to brand discovery and customer acquisition. As the luxury market has grown exponentially larger, and as emerging economies develop refined appetites, well-funded start-ups and experienced but embattled legacy brands continue to fight for share of mind and market.

Luxury media buying plays an outsized role in this battle, as those brands that survive and endure are those which maintain relevancy to the culture surrounding them.

Luxury Perspective

Although 43% of US millennials prefer to buy luxury items in in retail stores, digital is the engine of the luxury shopping experience. Because the affluent are most influenced by what the see, do and read online, luxury brands look to Criterion Global to execute the strategies that reach luxury customers in deeply compelling ways. Engaging discriminating luxury consumers requires that luxury brands “pull” prospects inward, presenting unique, special, and rare experiences, rather than standard “push” tactics that dominate consumer marketing.

Our Experience

As of 2018, there are an estimated 226,450 ultra-high net worth individuals worldwide; those with $30MM+ USD in investable assets. Marketing to these privileged few requires a laser, not a cannon. Additionally, the ultra-wealthy are a nomadic group, which is why luxury media buying demands digital fluency and a global mindset.

Criterion Global successfully represents luxury brands as varied as timepieces with cross-generational appeal, international beauty brands releasing a new scent to a global customer, to luxury footwear icons launching a digital-first shoe customization project. We bring the strategy and experience to move the needle and drive returns.

Whether you are looking to modernize or digitize your luxury media buying approach, expand to new markets, cultivate aspirational consumer relevancy, or cultivate loyal relationships that lead to enduring patronage, you need a luxury media buying partner who thinks beyond formula to innovate for your brand.  

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